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Raw Material

  • Coconut copra is the only raw material. The soil in the Coimbatore region are best suited for coconut cultivation. So we procure coconut selectively from organic farm based out of coimbatore region.
  • Copra has been sundried in solar drier which helps in free from dust accumulation on the copra assures the quality of oil.


  •       The fully dried copra has been undergone for the 100 % quality check. We do traditional process of oil extraction using COLD PRESS.Thus ensures and maintains the natural properties, taste and odour.

Benefits of our oil

  • Our care on each process results with 100% Organic oil with all the nutrients what the coconut tree gives. 
  • Our oil will have Medium-chain triglyceride which converted in to energy easily supports for our human body also lowers the white fat and increases the brown fat. Coconut oil can aid in lowering obesity levels in the body and also battles insulin resistance - issues that often lead to type two diabetes.
  • Mother's milk is the first food for all the mammals to start growing and proper function of our immune system. Some of the nutrients in the mother's milk is only available in the organic coconut oil.  So we strongly recommend to have our coconut oil in our daily diet improves your body day by day.
  • Organic Coconut oil must be used for hair which nourishes and reduces the hair fall. Organic Coconut oil also be used as skin moisturiser.Organic Coconut Oil can be used for various purpose such as cooking, marinating, baking and frying.